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Play is a child work, and we work hard at finding the perfect balance between free play and scheduled arts and activities to keep their imaginations and creativity churning.  

At these ripe, young ages, learning takes place in every single thing we do at Kidz Watch.  Every day, there's a new experience and adventure waiting. 

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Monitoring the safety of children is our number one priority, coupled with  preventative care tactics, we ensure the safety and security of the children under our care.

With security doors, background check, fingerprint-driven secure software, and safe-toy policies, we don't leave anything up to chance.

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We aim to provide drop-in child care you can depend on.  We don't call in sick or show up late- just ready and available when you need to put a little extra time back on your side.

Whether it's running errands, going to an appointment, or enjoying a dinner date- just know you can count on us.

it's safe

we play & learn

There are no "traditional" work hours anymore, and we wanted to be able to customize care to meet your unique schedule- and our part-time and full time packages are the perfect fit.


And since we are completely contract & commitment free, you are able to change your package from week-to-week.  1 meal and 2 snacks a day are included. Additional meals and snacks may be purchased for an additional charge.



drop-in care

We pride ourselves on maintaining an extremely clean, organized, and sanitary child care facility- that exceeds the practices set forth by the state or Red Cross.  

Handwashing, toy cleaning, and teaching healthy habits is an important part of our beliefs for staff and children, and integrated into our daily programs.

Kidz Watch is a place where its playtime, anytime. With our learn-through-play mentality, we create a fun, kid-friendly environment that fosters creativity, imagination, growth, and development..and always a boatload of giggles. From arts & crafts to games & storytime, Kidz Watch is powered by play.  Join us today!

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